Saturday, April 30, 2011

Making Progress!

Standing in the kitchen, the table will go right in front of the big window.

Here is the family room the fireplace will be where the big hole is.

Tonight we went to the house to check on the progress, when we pulled up the boys were saying "new house, our new house."  They seemed pretty interested in all of it and as we told them what was what, they repeated what we were saying. 
They made great progress this week, every day we stopped, we saw noticeable change.  They started to lay out the second floor and I think they should be done framing on Tuesday.  Then I think they will be on to siding.  It is crazy to walk through and see an actual house!
We met one of the neighbors who lives behind us tonight. He said there are 30 kids under 10, so we were pretty excited to hear that!  Hopefully the boys will love growing up here.
Slowly making progress picking out things.  My goal was to be done with the lights this weekend.  Making progress, still finalizing bathrooms and kitchen pendants.  We got most the faucets picked out last week, that wasn't too bad.  However, I decided it was good that I am picking most of these things out after I caught Keith watching a couple demo videos on the shower head he as picking out.  I love that he likes to research his purchases, but at that pace, we wouldn't be moving in until Christmas. 
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Andrea said...

your new house is looking great! how exciting for you guys!

Pietigs said...

Looking good! So excited for you all! I can't wait to come see it!


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