Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The things you do for a to satisfy a two year old

These are some pics from when we went bowling a while back!  

I'm sure many of you with young children can relate to the crazy things we do to keep our little ones happy!  Especially the two-year olds!

At bedtime, they are starting to attempt to stretch the process, I have to go back and forth between beds for all kinds of hugs and kisses about three times to each bed (of course I don't mind this popularity too much), but one of the latest night time concerns have been these dents in the carpet from the bed that used to be in the boys room.  They won't stop talking about them, then they have to touch the spot, then we cover the two spots up with blankets.  Then we are good.

Poor Keith is living a rough battle these days.  He has a truck, so the car seats are behind the passenger, then in the middle, so only one DVD screen.  So now all of a sudden, both want the seat with the DVD player and the one who doesn't get it cries for an extended period of time.  We are working on the concept of next time, you get that seat.  

Generally when we get into the car, Dylan has to sit in drivers seat and drive.  He always says, I drive, I drive. 

When we get out, they each have to shut off their DVD screen- you don't want to be around if I accidentally shut one off

Carter still has to wear his pull-ups- but on a good note, we have actually gone to bed with PJs that weren't Thomas

No longer attempt baths without bubbles

Suddenly they know the difference between outside toys and inside toys and tonight they found a couple little hand shovels that are for the sandbox, so Carter opened the front door and threw his outside, then Dylan set the other one outside....totally random!

Carter always has to walk when we get out of the car, Dylan is a clinger and stays close to me

I still have to pretend to take food from Stella and give back to them after they drop food on the floor and she eats it

Of course, we redo many things because each has to do it- i do it, i do it...

Plenty of others I'm sure, I just can't think of anymore right now. 

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter