Monday, April 4, 2011

Right now....

 The boys are almost 2 1/2, here is what's happening with them....

Carter loves wearing pull-ups and thinks it it really cool to try to keep the star (if he stays dry), he also insists on wearing underwear over his pull-ups.  Dylan is cool with regular diapers?
I know the boys are ready to be potty trained, big sign is at times they will walk back get a diaper and bring it to you and lay down to be changed!  We really need to make this a priority soon. 

We watch a lot of Mickey Mouse, Dylan is obsessed!  REALLY!

We are going through a "me do" phase, they are so persistent about doing things themselves.  For example, we will walk inside, then we will have to walk back outside so they can open the door on their own and go back in. We re-do a lot of things these days so they can do it.

Dylan just showed us some pretty sweet dance moves, he must have learned them at daycare.

Cheerios and waffles are the most popular thing in the morning, and of course they have to do their own syrup and half the time the waffles are still frozen.

We need to lock the doors because they will just walk right out the front door!  And they are starting the figure out the locks!

Carter is really into band aids and wears one about every day.

Dylan has to get into the driver's seat every day that we get in and "drive"

They are doing much better with daycare and drop off doesn't take too long. Tonight I asked them if they liked it and they said "yay"

Carter is funny because in a quiet little voice he is always repeating what you are saying, almost just thinking outloud.  I will be telling Dylan no about something and then I hear a little echo repeating what I am saying.

They love to roll around in blankets, I don't know why, but it is non-stop!

They are always saying they "need"... I need to go outside, I need to drive, I need waffles....

Carter generally will only wear Thomas PJs, his belly is about ready to bust out of them!

They are so fun to read books to, they repeat a lot of the story

Dylan is a bigger helper, he loves to get you things and help

They seem to have a lot of conversations with each other often.

Bananas have been popular lately

They are loving the nice weather, I have a feeling we will be outside all summer.

We have been riding their little bikes, they are doing really well with them.  Keith said Dylan has been picking up the speed. 

I've been telling them they need to give their pacis to Jennifer's baby, hopefully it works!  I think it will work for Carter, Dylan, I'm not sure. He is really attached and carries those things around like they are his friends.  Sometimes in the morning when they get up, Carter hands his over to Dylan.

They just keep talking more and more and are getting to be such big kids.  They string 5-6 words together and are using a lot of I, me (A LOT) and you.

Sometimes they will refer to something as "my brothers", which always makes me laugh.

I think we experience a lot of terrible two moments, they blow up pretty easy on little things, so that makes our job hard!

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