Sunday, September 20, 2009

You would look like this too after....

The busy weekend these two had! My mom and her friend, Nan, came up to visit for the weekend, so we were having fun non-stop! Friday night we grilled out and hung out at our house. We took advantage of having family here to help out. After the boys went to bed, Keith and I went out in Uptown and had dessert at Stella's and then met Wade and Kellie for a couple of drinks. I was super tired though and fell asleep on the way home!

Saturday we took the boys to Mason's second birthday party at a rally cool park. Afterwards, us girls went to the Mall of America and the boys hung out and watched football. Later that evening we went out for dinner and then had a fire in our backyard.

Today we started the day early by getting the boys 1 year pictures taken. Hopefully they turned out OK, they really needed about another 20 minutes of their nap. However, I guess it was good they were early because Dylan's eye started to look like he had pink eye and wasn't looking too great by the end. She said the pictures would be ready this week, so I will post the link when they are ready.

On Friday night Dylan broke out into a pretty bad rash all over his chest and back. The doctor thought it might have been a side effect from the amoxicillin he had been taking. So between that and the pink eye, I thought I better take him in. It only took about an 1 1/2, including drive time, so that wasn't too bad for a Sunday. Then me and the boys took a two hour nap! It was great.

After everyone was rested up, we spent a couple hours at the pumpkin patch. What a fun weekend, too bad tomorrow is Monday already.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter