Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Check out Carter's wound from daycare. Today another boy at daycare was playing with some walker toy and Carter came over wanting to play with it. Things escalated quickly and got ugly. I guess it started with some words, which turned a little physical. The end result was Carter getting bitten and the other boy had to have a big "timeout" in the pack-n-play.

When I got to daycare tonight and they told me about the incident. At first, I though maybe the boy just bit him because the teeth thing is new and he was experiencing biting as I have gotten a couple bites on the shoulder from the boys. I was surprised to hear the boy did it out of anger. I guess this wasn't his first incident. I just hope Carter and Dylan don't start doing this!!!

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Whitney Ilten said...

The boys are so darn cute! My sister named her new little boy Carter too, so that makes remembering names easy for me! I will be passing through Mpls sometime in November, so I will be sure to give you guys a call! Miss you!

Twincerely,Olga said...

Your boys are precious! My baby girl twins got bit once!
I am new so please stop by

JLe said...

The only time I am aware of when biting is contagious, is with zombies. So, if your boys start biting, and have a craving for brains, you should be worried.

Your boys look like so much fun (aside from getting sick a lot)!

p.s. I promise if I get mad at Keith cuz he makes fun of my height, I will figure out a way to express it my displeasure other than biting.

Kathy said...

My brother sent me a link to your blog- I'm not sure how he found it but our last name is also Bormann and we are expecting Twins (girls) shortly. Would love to find out if we are related somehow. We live in S Minneapolis. Your boys are adorable BTW.


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