Sunday, September 13, 2009

For the love of boobs....

My friend, Muriel, will be participating in the Susan G Komen 3 Day for the 6th time this fall. Every year she designs a really cool T-shirt to raise money. If you are interested in a shirt or supporting her in the walk and the cause, the link to her page is below.

This is my 6th year walking 60 miles for Breast Cancer. I’m headed to my second favorite “San” location in California (October 2-4). San Francisco!

In 2004, I read about a woman named Nancy who made a promise to help find a cure for breast cancer to her dying sister, Susan. (Some of you have heard me say this before so I apologize for repeating it but that article changed my life) – WHO makes that kind of promise and means it? She didn’t know anything about cancer research or where to start. BUT SHE DID NOT CARE. She started a foundation, she’s raised billions, she helped get awareness out, she’s helped save lives, she kept her promise!

NOW, I’m not Nancy G. Brinker but I did make a promise to myself, I would walk in the 3-day every year until there was a cure. I have raised just over $17,500 since then.

I need to raise $2,500.01 (in 3 weeks) this year. With your help, I know I can do it! I’ll be selling shirts for $30 again this year. (See the attached PDF.)

I know wallets are tight but (here comes the emotional string) cancer doesn’t wait till our economy is better. It is changing everyday and new versions of breast cancer are developing. They need money to help fund research.

We need to find a cure so, our friends, co-workers, moms, aunts don’t have to cry themselves to sleep because they are in so much pain from the chemo treatments. Or worry they won’t be here next year.

Walking and raising money is a way I can really make a difference for them and their daughters. This is my promise to them. This can be your promise too.

Please visit my webpage to make a donation:

Loving you,

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