Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A good night....

I often write about a lot of our struggles as first time parents, like constant rounds of pink eye, ear infections an trips to the doctors. Tonight the boys were in great moods and so entertaining all night, I thought I would write a little note about our evening.

From the minute I got to daycare and they came after me with a huge grin, to the 10 minutes before they went to bed I was amazed and entertained by the two of them. Throughout dinner, Carter continually repeated "UH OH"... not sure where that came from. They played with Stella and laughed so hard at her (At least Dylan did, Carter was playing with Keith's shoe). Then we thought we would enjoy the few nice days left of the year and took them out on the swings. They giggled and laughed as the swing went up and down. Later, somehow we ended up in their room. They discovered when I "hide" something under their dresser that the object didn't just disappear. So they kept peaking under the dresser trying to pull out the power strip (dangerous, I know). Then they ended up being stripped down to their diapers and for fun I put them both in Dylan's crib. Wow, were they being funny. With huge smiles, they were jumping up and down, wrestling with each other and even doing a little dancing when I played the music of their mobile. They each had a blanket in there and were hiding under it and laughing. Then if you can picture it, somehow Dylan had his blanket stretched on his back side holding the ends with each hand, flapping his arms like a bird. Our camera battery was dead, so I didn't capture the moment.

We're so lucky to have these two wonderful little guys.

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Jon and Jennifer said...

Oh how sweet....it's nights like that when you just want to eat them up and love them so much!! Sounds like you had a great night with your adorable little guys.


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