Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A few of the things I LOVE about my little guys....

I love their deep, hard laughs

I love the way the wobble when they walk

I love all those curls, especially when they have bed head

I love their high pitched jibber jabbers

I love how they are starting to play with each other, sometimes they seem as thought they are having a conversation

I love how they can be entertained by anything and they think playing in the bathroom is like going to Disney World

I love how they are such boys, they have toy cars and naturally roll them back and forth on the ground the way they are supposed to be played with, even thought they have no idea what a car is and that they are playing with a toy car

I love the way they dive onto to pillows, sometimes it's a hard dive with lots of laughs, other times it is a soft snugly dive with an "I'm sleepy" expression

I love seeing their expression when I give them new foods to try

I love how they are big enough to really hold on to me and hang on tight

I love how Carter just loves to dance, any time he hears a beat, he is bouncing

I love how Dylan is so into Stella and dangles her toys in her face as he laughs really hard

Looks like I could go on for a while...

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krmccord said...

This is so sweet!

Kellie said...

So cute! My sister and I had a made up language and would "talk" to each other before we really knew how to talk. Twins are weird and I can say that b/c I am one. :)


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