Sunday, September 20, 2009

My babies are 10 Months old!

These "monthly" pictures are not going so well! They were just wild this night, I'm not sure if it was the new pajamas or what.

On August 22nd the boys turned 10 months! So now that they will be 11 months in two days, I thought I better give the monthly update!

The biggest thing happening at 10 months is the boys have progressed into walkers! They are doing so well and amaze me each day at how much they improve. I thought they would fall and bump their heads a lot as they were learning, but they have seemed to have perfected the "butt plop" or they put their hands out to catch themselves. Now they are pretty confident and will be walking around and drinking out of their sippy cups at the same time.

We have had a few ear infections and a couple rounds of pink eye this month, so we have spent a lot more time at the doctor's office this month than preferred. We are going to visit the ENT next week and they will determine if the boys need tubes.

We are down to three bottles a day for each. We are doing one when they get up, 10 am, formula in the sippy cup late afternoon and one last bottle before they go to bed. We are feeding them mostly regular food now, so no more cartfulls of the Gerber packs. I have spent countless hours cutting food up into little squares. Until the boys move into the toddler room at daycare, I have to bring lunches for them, so I spend like an hour every night cutting up their food and making bottles for daycare. I did learn once the boys are on whole milk, we can bring a jug to the daycare and I won't have to pack bottles anymore!!!

We have been laying the boys down in their cribs at nap time without rocking them and it is going really well. They usually just jabber for a few minutes and go to sleep. Not sure how long this will last, but I am loving it. We are starting to do it at night time some too, but I enjoy snuggling with them before they go to sleep.

Some of their favorite things right now are getting into the cupboards, playing in the crib together, diving onto a pillow and pillow fights, Stella (not sure if the feelings are mutual), this toy that shoots out balls and Carter is really into his football.
Also, I should mention they each have six teeth right now and I'm thinking we have a couple more on the way.
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