Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bormann Household Mystery.....

Tuesday, September 22:
Keith was out of town on business and I brought the boys home from daycare. We made it into the house with a total of three shoes on and one in the bottle bag. Within hours of arriving to the Bormann residence, one shoe went missing. I thought there might be a good chance that the shoe was hiding somewhere in our, not-so-clean bedroom.

Seven days pass and after an exhaustive, late night search and an extensive cleaning in the bedroom, still only three shoes to be found.

Sunday, September 27: suspicious activity was documented in the corner kitchen cupboard.

However, from this picture, taken Sunday, it seems there are only the typical kitchen supplies stored in this cupboard.

Tuesday, September 29:

Keith innocently opens to cupboard, only to find two shoes and one sock! He quickly checked to see if we had the other pair of shoes. And YES, all four shoes have been found!

But the question is... How did both of these get into the cupboard and where was the other shoe hiding at that it suddenly showed up today???
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Kellie said...

So funny! They are sneaky little guys aren't they? Glad you found the shoe though b/c those shoes are kick ass! :)


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