Monday, September 14, 2009

Winter must be near, the nebulizer is officially out!

The boys have been SICK!!! Wednesday night Dylan came home from daycare with a terrible cough and was wheezing, probably the worst I had ever heard him wheeze. So I didn't feel right about waiting until the next day to take him to the doctor, so I took him in to Urgent Care. I am less and less impressed with that place each time I go! I was there for about two hours and I'm not really sure if the doctor had ever treated a child before. We had a lot of these respiratory infections last winter, so we had a lot of learnings this past year. He was sure he had "something" going on in his lungs, not sure what. But he was going to give him some antibiotics. His ears were red, I asked if there was any signs of pink eye as his eyes were a little bit goopy. "Well, hmmmm, if so, this antibiotics will take care of it." Then I asked if he should check his oxygen level because he was wheezing so much, "well, his color looks good, he's not blue at all". So he prescribed me the antibiotics (3 doses a day) and an albuterol syrup for to help open his airways. This is the same drug we give the boys in the nebulizer so I mentioned something along the lines that I had used the other, but not the syrup. So then he told me that he would prescribe the syrup and some for the nebulizer and to "just use both". So I asked for clarification on how to use "both" twice and didn't get a clear answer. So we checked with the pharmacist and he told us to just use it with the nebulizer as it works much faster.

So, we took him to the pediatrician right away on Thursday. The first thing they did was check his oxygen level, which was good. Then Keith showed him all the things he prescribed and when he showed him the syrup he said "Wow, I haven't seen that for years, I gave that to my son like 20 years ago and he would be up for days" ..... and then joked telling Keith he could probably sell it on Ebay. So Urgent Care.... I will take my 2 hours and $40 back!!!!

So I will stop complaining now, but will report that Dylan is doing much better, but Carter sounds awful! We have been nebbing him since Saturday, hopefully he will be better tomorrow or we will need to take him in.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter