Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's time to start transforming these city boys into Iowa boys!

I had a pretty busy week at work, so I am behind on blogging. Here is a quick weekend update and I will try to get to some updates from last week and weekend.
Friday night we went to Iowa for the big Iowa vs. Iowa State game. The drive down on Friday went great, they slept the entire way. Unfortunately, since they had such a great nap, we didn't end up getting them to sleep until 1:30.
Saturday morning we got the boys fed and headed to Ames for some tailgating. Mom watched the boys for us. We had a lot of fun floating from tailgate to tailgate. Much more low key for us compared to tailgates of the past. We didn't even make it to the student section. We didn't have tickets for the game, so we went back to Baxter. Good thing too, because outside of one field goal, the Cyclones didn't do so hot. I almost had to change the boys' clothes:((

Our friend, Erik Lane, was in town from NYC, so we went to Newton and visited him. We took the pics of the boys at his dad's farm.

Saturday evening we went to Ankeny for a couple hours to see Nicole and Ryan's new house. The boys also finally got to meet Jess and Casey. All these guys were loving up the boys and are so great with them. All of them will be phenomenal parents someday.

Today we left pretty early and got back to Minnesota around 5:00. The boys slept most of the way and then we used the portable DVD player for the first time and the boys watched Baby Einstein for a couple hours. It was great, I only had to sit in the back seat for like 20 minutes.

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krmccord said...

Cute family picture! The title of your post had me wondering if you guys were moving back:)


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