Wednesday, September 30, 2009

11 Months

How do we have 11 month old babies already? Who am I kidding, these two are so wild they hardly qualify as babies. The two have really been just tons of fun these past few months; however, today I think I got a taste of what the next year may be like. Keith and I had them at the doctor's office and they were expressing their independence. They did not want to sit on our laps, they wanted to get up, walk around, get into drawers, the trash, play with cords, throw their toys on the ground and climb up onto things. I don't think I have ever seen a doctor give a consultation so fast. Then the nurse was like, "you want to just call to schedule your appointment, you just want to CALL". I think they were ready to get us out of there! I'm pretty certain if Keith was not at the appointment with me, I would have left in tears.

A little of what they are about at 11 months!

The two get funnier and funnier everyday. They are talking more and I just love these really high pitch squeals they let out. Super cute. I have been getting a lot of very wet kisses and I love each one:) Carter loves playing with balls, he will be the sports guy. Dylan is more interested in books and electronics. Dylan hates wearing socks and always pulls them off. They still think Stella is pretty funny. Carter loves playing with Keith's shoes. They become less interested in vegetables about every day. Bath night is always lots of fun, until they think they need to stand in the tub. Grass isn't so scary anymore. Blocks are lots of fun. Carter loves carrying around his blanket. They love being sung to. Wagon rides are lots of fun! Throwing things out of the wagon is even more fun. When they get mad, both cry, stick out their bottom lips and lay their heads on the ground (I'm not loving this one), all very dramatic! Dylan has been very snuggly lately. Carter's hair is wild and out of control, but I love it.

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