Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The heart of Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas memories this year will be the boys' excitement with Keith's gifts.  I took each shopping seperately and they picked their own gifts and wrapped them (and selected paper/bow choice).  

Dylan got Keith this amazing shirt (that for sure scored him #dadoftheyear points), mints and the obvious father / son gift -chapstick.  I was so proud of Dylan because I left the room for a bit and came back to an almost completely wrapped present!  With Carter's guidance of course.  This year they are much better about actaully keeping gifts a secret.  Then as Dylan was finishing, Carter went into the living room and told Keith that Dylan got him mints and chapstick.  So then Dylan was mad.  As if Keith couldn't hear anyway since Carter seems to have one level for his voice - LOUD.   You can hear us at Target, you can hear us at the mall, if you are next to us at a stoplight, you can probably hear us!  

And the mints.

Carter really thought Keith wanted something he could play with.  And when his eyes synced with a box of lincoln logs - that was it!!!!He was so darn excited about these.  Little did I know, being a girl, we bought generic ones and I guess they barely stay assembled.  I was a little ticked because they weren't cheap.  Regardless, still a great memory.  

Now that's a beaut Clark!
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