Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Eve

The boys spread their reindeer food outside around the house and put out cookies and carrots for Santa.

We were busy on Christmas Eve! We went to Newton to visit my grandma Bucklin at the nursing home.  It was great to see her.  She really enjoyed seeing Olivia and Olivia gave her all kinds of smiles and held her hand. 

Next stop was dinner at my parents, where we ate and then got ready for church out at Bethany.  Following church, we went to the Allspach's annual Christmas Eve party.  Not sure where my camera was there? 

Then we were off so Santa could get to work!  We probably didn't get started until 11:00.  Actually, we mostly just had stockings to stuff and a handful of presents left to wrap.  Then we were lying in bed around 1:00 thinking we probably should have had a really cool "Santa" gift.  So Keith - being the good Dad he is, got back up and set up this tent thing we got the boys.  I had already wrapped it, but we decided it would be a bit more fun to have something big and fun to see in the morning.  Keith said it didn't exactly snap together super quick, so it was a late night for him:(  Better planning for next Christmas!  

OK - and lots of Olivia pictures - OOOPS totally didn't get any of the boys.  It's a battle to take their picture and she just sits and smiles.  So this is what you get!

This tent is basically sticks and these balls and you can rebuild into different shapes and then you put a sheet over the top.  They are so into building, I thought they would have built 20 different things by now, but really they just broke it apart really easy.  Now it's back in the box and we'll bring it out in a month or two.  Hopefully they will get it more then!
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