Monday, January 7, 2013

It was a birthday party kind of weekend!

We had, not one, not two - three birthday parties!!!
First was Norah's party.  It is a girl in their daycare class.  I asked the boys if they played with her much, they said no - she plays in kitchen, they play in blocks.  Well, guess who was shy and even more shy at the party.  They would barely let go of us.  We were only able to stay for about half an hour, in order to make it to the next event.

Party number two was for OLIVER!!!  He is 3, hard to believe.  And look how cool the Buzz balloon is.  This was pretty much a boy party.  I think it was 10 boys and two girls!  Sarah had the basement loaded with balloons.  Olivia even had fun watching the kids play with them, she kept laughing at them.  

I think this motorcycle was the hot ticket!

I guess we had to force Carter outside.  The boys took a break to make a snowman.

So hard to get pics with this kid!  Had to force him.

I think Oliver was TIRED!! 

The next party was for our neighbor boy, Niles (otherwise known as Olivia's prom date in 16 years).  It was his first birthday!  Mollie had the house transformed into a super cute construction theme.

The boys insisted on wrapping the gifts.  Which involved A LOT of tape.  This is layer 1.  There was a second.

Then they drove their jeep to the party!  Funny little dudes! 
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Mom said...

I love the way one little boy drives them to the party and the other little boy holds the present. :)


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