Thursday, January 3, 2013

Olivia is 6 months

You will probably get tired of reading this, but I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!! She is so darn sweet.  I say smile and this is what I get!

My photo assistants.  Super helpful!

Wardrobe malfunction

What's happening at 6 months

  • Doing pretty well on eating solids!  She LOVES to eat.  And along with that she is growing too:)   I bought a Gap onsie last week that was 12-18 b/c they were out of the smaller size and what do you know, it totally fit!  The boys were always true to the Gap sizes.  This girl is just dying to have some "real" food.  She watches every bite you take and makes you feel a bit guilty for taking it.  One day she was watching me eat wings and she was just drooling.
  • She really loves to sit like this.  She is really happy when I set a toy in front of her, especially her little picnic basket (thanks Jennifer).  
  • So darn close to crawling.  She is doing the rocking on her knees and somehow ends up going backwards and finally ends up just rolling over. 
  • She hasn't been super healthy - mostly ear infections.  We go in tomorrow for her 6 month well, so hopefully she does not have an ear infection.
  • I've been giving her a sippy cup at dinner with water and she loves it.  I was busy getting the boys food and looked over at her, she was happy as could be sipping on her cup!
  • She is starting to laugh a lot. Doesn't have quite as deep of a laugh like the boys, but does get rolling.  She is really starting to like peek-a-boo - tonight she was putting the towel on her face and pulling it away - so funny!  
  • She is starting to really keep tabs on us and make sure we pay attention, I was doing something with the boys and she was in the excersaucer, pretty soon I hear her screaming at me for attention
  • Loves reading stories!  The girl totally gets into it- shame on me,  I hadn't really been reading to her much and one day I pulled out a book and her eyes were just glued to it and she loved it.  
  • So, she has slept in her crib once!  One of these days we will move her upstairs. We have been really bad about focusing on her eating and sleeping and I think we have taken a couple steps back.  She has been waking up for bottles - yes bottles! - We have been trying to focus in on this a bit more this week as I know the boys were sleeping pretty solid 8ish - AM by this point.  
  • She likes to jabber
  • LOVES her feet.  Always grabbing at them.  
  • She still has a really easy going personality - but does get a bit snippy when she is sleepy or hungry (who doesn't?)  
  • I have to say I really enjoy all the fun new things she picks up every day, but then get a little sad since she is growing up so darn fast on me.  I guess one positive with that, only 6 more months (hopefully) of buying formula and bottle washing.  I have no idea how we ever managed to wash all the bottles with the boys - we have enough for two babies now and I feel like all we do is wash bottles!  

I have a lot of cute shoes that I can't get onto those darn big feet!  
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