Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A big bad snow storm

Everyone here in central Iowa certainly had a white Christmas!  We had 13 inches in Polk City and it was pretty crazy here and in Ankeny as it took forever for them to clear the snow.  Ankeny is still really bumpy.  Unfortunately, it wasn't good snowman making snow.  But the boys have spent hours driving their tractors around and shoveling.  It's been extremely cold so they haven't been out as much as they (we) would all like.  Something really cute about seeing them drive their little tractors out there.  

Look at those red cheeks

Olivia and I spent most of the time inside.  I did miss out on playing with the boys a little bit, but it was so cold I didn't mind too much.  

Keith took the boys to the park for a little bit.  They told me the slides were really fast! 

Now that winter gear is out, I'm happy to finally announce both are wearing their new coats!  And both love wearing their boots….EVERYWHERE.  Hope they will wear their shoes to school tomorrow.
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