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Wondering where I have been? Sorry! I know, super behind on blogging again. One reason I am slightly behind is something happened to our Picassa program and it’s pulling random pictures. (my friends if you are not blogging through Picassa – you should, so much faster for uploading pics.) Anyway – I have only done about half our Christmas pictures, so that can tell you how far behind I am.

Also behind because I was in New Port Beach, CA for work, last week. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve been to California – love that state! Then this week Keith has been traveling, so it seems go, go, GO!!! ALL.THE.TIME. And sometimes, I get tired. This week I have gone to bed early (like 11:00) because I just haven’t been able to keep my eyes open much longer. And Miss Olivia has seems to think she is a newborn needing to eat every 3 hours. Like 11:30-12 ish right when I get into bed, 3 am, then around 5:30. I’ve been trying to just hold her off at the 3:00 one the last few nights to get her to 5 or 6. I have no idea when or how this started happening, but we need to get her back on track.
Remember these toys - one day one of the boys were calling it a boppy.


Cleaning dishes

our kissing cousins

This is the piece of bread Carter told me he found broken in the bag?

Carter is really into hiding

Pinterest thing - worked, the boys tried it.   

She was having fun one night after the boys went to bed! 

this is our trying new food chart!  Actually working a bit.  Not my best work, I did it in about 5 minutes.  So some of you commented a while back on our potty chart that Dylan's were a straight line, Carter's stickers everywhere.  well this one is the opposite???

Carter colored this at school - he said it was for Miss Candace, so I took a picture.  I thought it turned out really pretty!

Oh boy!

I think these two are buds!  Stella is always looking out for her.  If she is ever crying a bunch, Stella will whine for her.

In other happenings…


This girl keeps on growing – I need to post her 6 month stats. She is funny, still really sweet giving tons of smiles and laughs. She is at a stage where she gets frustrated a bit. She is so close to crawling and wants to so bad but just can’t figure out how to go forward. So she is always ending up in somewhat of a push up position with her butt in the air and then crying and fussing because that is not helping her move forward.

And you probably won’t believe this one, but I made baby food!!! So darn easy. I’ve made squash, pears, zucchini, sweet potatoes and carrots. I plan to do more too – if you have any recommendations send them my way. Olivia seems to like most. One night I was feeding her and she must have really liked it because she laughed after every bite.


These two have been busy as always. There big thing right now is space – they LOVE it! We have a few new books we got for Christmas and I must say I too have been learning A LOT!!! It really is quite fascinating and almost unbelievable. We recently made our first visit to the Science Center in Iowa (kicking myself for not taking the boys 2 years ago) and we watched a special on the Hubble telescope on their Imax theatre. Again, pretty amazing.

I’ve been trying to get them to try new things, so we have a new sticker chart in place. And we are now really into freezing things. So we’ve tried frozen grapes, blueberries, pears, apples, pomegranate seeds, yogurt and Dylan stuck in a couple crackers this morning (that might be disappointing). Anything to get them to eat a bit healthier. I tried this yogurt dot idea on pinterest and Dylan actually ate some. Then the next day he got out the yogurt, foil, pan, food coloring and syringe and made a batch – but for Carter. It used Carter’s kind of yogurt and so much green food coloring that it may have been a bit more food coloring than yogurt. But I was still impressed he actually did it all by himself.

OH – and big news! After about 2 months of sleeping on the floor, Carter is sleeping in his bed again. I put the blankets on his bed b/c friends were coming over and that night he said, well since my bed’s not on the floor anymore I’ll have to sleep in my bed. Even though he had told me several times he’s never sleeping in his bed again.


I’m usually not too big of a resolutions person but I have made a few this year. One is to do a little more pin-attempting and another is to give up a food each month. Join me on this one! January has been chocolate and I must say, I have passed up A LOT of chocolate. Haven’t decided what Feb will be yet (coffee, booze and pop won’t be on the list). So if you have any to throw into the mix, share! I also want to plan a family vacation for this summer – any good ideas for a destination? My neighbors just surprised their kids with a trip to Disney – and I mean SURPRISED them. They told them they had to pick up something at the airport, they had no idea. HOW COOL IS THAT!!! LOVE IT and will do that someday. Look for lots of Christmas posts soonJ

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter