Monday, January 7, 2013

A trip down memory lane...

I didn't intend on a trip down memory lane, but here we go.  I was actually just looking a back at pics when the boys were six months because I couldn't remember when their curls came in.  So a few interesting things...

This is Cade, NOT Alec!

OK- so it is promising that Olivia may stay a sweet little baby.  Look how crazy these two were at 6 months!

Already chasing and wrestling

Ahhh… It's mama bear and Stella does not look happy about this.

OH, Stella and her Pals!  And Boyfriend!!  Of course Coby is running away.  (Bruiser, I love you!!!  Love Stella.)  Kellie - Dog Whisperer.  I miss Russell Ave!

Not sure what that bottle of windex was doing in my hand, clearly did not help!!! Actually they probably spilled something.  

They definitely have more hair, but Olivia definitely has a bigger belly!  

I guess we can get this guy out.  

I can barely tell them apart in this one (Carter left, Dylan right)

See what I mean!

Mom - you have no idea what you have got yourself into!

YEP - that's why every single thing (including toilet) was baby proofed in that house.

4 years later - laundry is still a favorite

Sometimes I wish they still had those helmets.  

MBA of Survival!  I think I have blocked many of these days out.  I think he had class two nights a week and some weekends. 
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