Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's true, I've been moonlighting.

The bormann Twins blog has been and may continue to be short a post or two here and there, I've been writing a few posts for Iowa Health.  A former co-worker asked if I wanted to be one of their "real stories from real parents" bloggers.  We frequent their E.R. often enough, so why not?

Always happy to share all my parenting stories - as all of you who have been following along all these years - it really is a journey leaving a few bumps and bruises as well as a few remarkable moments shining through from time to time.  It's all about surviving together, right???  And thank you to all of you bloggers out there - you probably don't know it, some of you probably have no idea I read your blog from time to time, but over the years you have provided me with many smiles, lots of laughs, many ideas and most of all- comfort knowing there are so many others who share the same struggles and challenges and I'm not alone trying to figure it all out.

Here is the link...

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