Thursday, June 21, 2012

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I am sure happy I won’t be needing to wear maternity clothes soon.  There are a few (very few) shirts I’ll miss, but I have definitely been wearing some questionable things to work lately!  I was so excited to get rid of some of them I took most of the sweaters down to the basement.  Not sure about the rest of my wardrobe, it’s been a while since I have reviewed it.

Anyone else feel like their purse is a big black hole. Sometimes I am absolutely amazed by what I pull out of there.  I had two pairs of sunglasses in it last week – no idea?  And they aren’t small!  Not a wonder it’s so heavy to lug around.

We have been spending a bit more time indoors because it’s been super hot outside! 

I think my nesting phase might be over- too bad I can’t hang on to a bit of that. 

I’ve been trying to pick up our basement for what seems like FOREVER now!  Talk about one step forward, two steps back.  There was the bathtub incident- I think I wrote about it.  I was taking a bath and when I popped the drain, the pipe came unhooked and dropped A LOT of water into the basement.  Luckily it sounded strange so I quickly plugged the drain.  Still – huge mess in the basement.  They put one outlet in our basement when it was built – really, who does that.  Pretty much the dumbest thing ever.  I wish I would have caught it at a walk through, but didn’t realize I needed to check to make sure there was more than one outlet.  Anyway, the electrician had to do a couple follow-ups so we had him add two more.  I didn’t think much of it until I came home and they had to pretty much drill a circle in about every beam in our basement.  And NO, they didn’t not clean up the sawdust mess.  I wish I had known they were going to do that, I would have been happy to move toys and things like baby swings out of the way.  So that was a mess to clean up.  Then keith had moved the humidifier and had left the hose in the wrong direction, so he had to move a bunch of stuff for that mess.  So it seems I’m always cleaning up another mess! 

Lately I’ve been thinking a beach vacation with tropic waters sounds amazing.  I will have to keep dreaming as that is not in our near future. 

I still haven’t purchased a single baby stroller, but would like to soon – any recommendations.  

Anyone ever have chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches from the Schwan’s man?  I recently bought a box for the first time since high school.  They were as awesome as I remember! 

I have a large collection in the basement geared up for a big garage sale.  I should start pricing any day now.  I’ve never really done my own sale, so this should be an interesting experience.

I’m very excited because there has been something funky going on with our internet for months now, which possibly had something to do with our time machine.  So Keith took it to the apple store this week and he got a new one.  It’s working so much better now!  I was feeling like we were living in the dial up days. 

On a green note, I’m so excited to see some new buds on our rose bush. All of the beautiful flowers died, then the plant looked as though it was heading south fast.  I’ve been doing lots of watering and it’s showing some life again!  And our little tree in the front is starting to flower too! The guy who sold it to me said it probably wouldn’t have any blooms until Fall. 

We had our first little fire on Saturday.  It sure made us miss our friends on Russell Ave.  Then suddenly Stella hopped up and was acting strange.  Sure enough there was a huge deer in our backyard.  Keith wants to do a campout with the boys back there – maybe too many creatures for me. He better sleep with one eye open. 

OK – that’s enough rambling for today.

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