Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another trip to the ER - Carter's turn

We have spent more time at hospitals lately than we would like!  Just when we thought things were slowing down – last Monday, another incident!  Carter had told us he had eaten a rock at school.  A new one for us – but I wasn’t really too worried as I’m sure lots of kids eat rocks.  Not one of our finest moments- but we have boys, I was happy it wasn’t a bug.  Anyway – the night continued and our home quickly became a madhouse.  The boys were helping me make spaghetti and Keith was outside working on something.  So I had three pans going.  Then I wasn’t feeling that well and took a five minute break on the couch – Keith was watching the pans. The boys decided instead of letting me rest, they needed to wrestle on top of me and then all a sudden Carter throws up all over. The grape Popsicle he had just eaten!  We were not sure if it was related to the rock, so I called the on-call nurse.  By the way she answered my questions I could tell this was not her first rock-eating call.  Regardless, she said if he continues to vomit or complains of abdominal pain we need to bring him in. 

OK – now we have stuff burning on the stove, Keith has our steam cleaner out trying to save our carpet and….. the doorbell rings!  Stella barks like crazy and flies out the front door.  A family down the street is out – so then both boys come flying out as well.  So I ignore the chaos happening inside and talk to the family and the boys are running around like normal so we thought Carter might be doing better.  Then he went back in and threw up again – so it was Keith’s turn for a trip to the hospital.  Dylan and I stayed home and ate what was left of our spaghetti.  Then I started getting really nervous because if they had to do something – what would they do?  So Dylan and I were off to DSM and my mom and dad met me at the hospital to take Dylan to their house. 

Keith told me Carter puked again in the car (and I guess he managed to keep it all in the bowl!) and again at the hospital.  By the time we got there he already had an x-ray and no rock was found!  I’m guessing he tossed that up with everything else and it was just an odd coincidence that he had the flu the same time he ate a rock.  Still a little odd to me, I don’t think he has ever thrown up that many times in that small period of time – but happy that we didn’t have to do anything more than an x-ray!  As for Carter – I don’t think he will be eating anymore rocks, he has no idea that the flu was causing him to throw up, not the rock.  And I think we will keep it that way!  (I guess that can go in my book “tales of a mean mommy” someday)

Also an update on Dylan running into the house.  I talked to the neighbors and he was playing with the neighbor girl and he was running from her and turned to see if she was behind him and then hit the house.  So that makes more sense – I wasn’t really sure how he had ran into the house. 

Also- my kids enjoy their time at the doctor / hospital far too much!  I guess this is a sign we need to do more one-on-one activities with them.  

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Andrea said...

oh wow! these boys sure keep you on your toes!


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