Wednesday, June 6, 2012

They are back…...

Can't say I have missed the dr. brown bottles and their six parts!  But we decided since we have 14 of them, we might as well use them again.  We will just start utilizing the dishwasher much sooner this time!  I saved all the bottle nipples from before, but I think I will buy new ones.  Not sure how long those are good for.  I already bought some of the newborn size.
Still have a few more tubs to dig through, but most of the old stuff is back.

I finally bought diapers!!!  We decided since we are one of Target's best customers we should get the red card so we can have 5% off all our purchases.  Sunday I bought some groceries (we were about out of food!) and saw that Pamper's Swaddlers were on clearance.  I thought this was a bit strange, but thought I would take advantage of the discount, so I bought one pack of newborn, two boxes of ones and one box of twos.
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Andrea said...

yay! for getting baby ready! I loved our Dr. Browns bottles. We have the dishwasher rack insert that's especially made for them and it really helped a ton to clean everything all at once.

Saeed Afridi said...
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Afridi said...

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