Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My boys….


Like I said - his imagination is pretty - did you know he is painting that orange?

My sweet (sometimes) little boys are growing up so darn fast!!! I listen to them talk now and can’t believe how grown up they are getting. 

Here are some of the things they are into right now….

·         Carter is really liking driving around cars, boats, tractors and he still loves his trains
·         He LOVES to ride his bike and goes quite fast.  One night he insisted on taking his training wheels off, that lasted about 3 minutes and they were back on.  Recently his new thing is doing “burnouts” – so there are black marks all down our driveway
·         He is still a total daddy’s boy, but he has been pretty good to me lately
·         I recently found a blue blanky like his- after a good two years of looking!  He was so darn excited, he ran and told Keith then came back and jumped in my lap.
·         He loves to play with the neighbor kids- he will smile and say, “mom can we play with the kids” – I’m surprised they ask!
·         Carter can be a bit bossy- if you play trains with him, he will be like – no you have go that way, you can’t use that train.  He is super bossy to the Lynlee who lives down the street – he will say LYN LEEEEE you can’t park your bike in our garage or NO LYN LEEEEEEEE– or about anything.  Poor girl!  We are working on this!
·         Really into going to Casey’s (gas station)
·         Loves to stand and jump far – like over a rug
·         He’s really into showing you “magic tricks” – which is usually doing a 360 jump
·         One morning – he had the biggest smile on his face and said – mommy you look handsomeJ  Third trimester – I’ll take it!
·         Always telling us we need to stop at stop signs- now we have him understanding we only have to stop if it is facing us.
·         Pretty much won’t wear any other shoes besides his black tennis shoes with holes in them
·         Is going through an obsessive climbing phase which drives me crazy! 
·         I think the younger daycare workers might be rubbing off – one day he said “like” pretty much before every word
·         Sometimes he will come up and give me a really sweet kiss on the cheek
·         Still very engaged talking about any sort of natural disaster
·         Can be so sweet singing- he was being so nice singing my grandma the sweetest little songs at the nursing home on Sunday.
·         Carter gets very serious about his coloring and really focuses in.
·         One day he kept saying “first of all” – then I got a “first of all, I ate a stop sign” -  I don’t know!
·         Really likes playing in the sprinkler and slip and slide
·         Loves story time and always cuddles up
·         As they get more vocal – the come backs are coming too – he was mad at Keith one day and told him he was going to throw all Keith’s clothes in the trash
·         Super into this penguin that we won at adventureland last year.  We gave it to Stella for a while, but now Carter loves it.
·         He thinks our neighbor Tyler is the world’s coolest kid! 
·         His top baby name tends to be Jasmine, I guess it's an improvement from snake.
·         Carter is always making up new words for things – I don’t even have any I can tell you b/c I have no idea what they are usually

·         This kid has a tune in his heart.  He sings all the time!  But they both get into “mixes” – so they say and will put together like three songs.  Have you ever heard ABC’s, Twinkle Twinkle and Wheels on the bus mixed together.  I have!  But he makes up songs all the time!  When we were working on the patio one morning he had this little walking on the patio song, then last Saturday that turned into the walking on the deck song – same tune.  Sometimes he will say I made that one up for you mommy.
·         Dylan is still my little helper! Kid just loves to clean and help out.  He’s still the “trash man” (and he came up with this) and will change the trash and is pretty good about keeping up with Stella’s dog food and likes to help me water flowers, loves to vacuum, they are both all over cleaning the lint catcher in the dryer.  Sometimes though I’ll ask him to do one of these things and he will say no – you do it mom. 
·         Dylan can be quite the chatterbox – sometimes he just doesn’t stop.  But I don’t mindJ  I’m sure there will be a day soon that they don’t say much!
·         One morning I was trying to wake him up and got- 5 more minutes mom!  WHAT???  Where does that come from?  We are starting to get the lip back - OK mom, I KNOWWWWW.
·         Really likes reading books
·         Has been in a “WHY” phase lately! 
·         He is all about $3,000, have no idea why.  He will be like I am going to give you $3,000 dollars.  I say OK! 
·         I think it’s safe to say he is still a momma’s boy.  I’m really nervous about how he will do with the baby. 
·         His new thing is telling me what things say – for example yesterday they had naughty reports at school and were not getting candy.  He told me he had a report in his pocket – I said he didn’t have pockets – so then it became his the logo on his shorts said – “Carter and Dylan had a good report and get candy – yeah, that’s what my shorts say”.  I was at Target and he wanted to buy these cards and he follows his fingers against the words on the cards and says these are for Dylan’s table, they aren’t too expensive and we need to buy them - yeah.  Of course these didn’t make the cart and he has been asking me about his letters. 
·         Dylan has been fibbing a bit too much!
·         Loves to sneak down to mom and dad’s room and sleep with us.
·         This kid has a CRAZY imagination. Well they both do.  They are always in the “nest” – pile of blankets or playing with the “cleaner” – something to do with a pillow.  That’s just a few- but hey get pretty silly with their “pretending”. They’ll say I’m just pretending mom. 
·         Both are really into “diggers” – every construction site we pass, they talk about them
·         Dylan wants to go to Target all the time! That is his favorite place!  You should have heard him there getting groceries on Sunday, he was so giddy throughout the entire place
·         Dylan has a hammer hand – he likes to “hammer” with his hand and he calls it his hammer hand. 
·         One day Dylan told me apples grow on trees so the target workers can have them
·         The boys got a new teacher and I asked them if they liked her – I got a yeah, she has a hammer!  (they must have been taking things off the walls)  Guess it doesn’t take much to impress a 3 year old.
·         They are always talking about their birthday party
·         Always wanting to buy stuff, we have to talk him out of about everything – which is NOT easy!  He’ll say for you mom and have about 8 reasons why.  And it's never toys- it will be like a candle or flowers or cards.
·         Dylan likes to do about everything himself – intervening is generally not worth it!  He can be quite stubborn and really hard to talk out of things once he is set on doing them. 
·         When I won’t let Dylan have something it’s I know I’m just getting it for you mom – usually with candy or something like that.
·         Loves McDonalds
·         Really likes riding his bike around

It's great to have your kids help cook - here's a tip, don't turn away when they are doing the spices.  Carter opened the spoon side of the bottle and we had a bit extra gourmet burger seasoning in our hamburger mix.
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