Monday, June 25, 2012

One last comparison - 39 weeks!

One last comparison! Here is me at 39 weeks and on the right is me with the boys at 38 1/2, the night before I had them!  Definitely a lot smaller these last couple weeks in comparison.  The funny thing is- sometimes when I am out I feel like people stare at me a lot - I walked out of the bathroom at Homemakers and I swear like 5 people were looking at my stomach. Maybe I was walking weird.  But gosh - can't imagine what people thought when they saw me with the boys.  I do recall a trip to the mall a day or two before they were born and one of those people selling crap in the middle of the mall attempted to win me over with his sales pitch - here's a tip, just because it's easy to catch me b/c I'm not moving so quick - DOES NOT mean I want to spend any time listening to a sales pitch -especially when my goal is just to make it in and out of the mall.

 We are still nowhere near prepared as we were before.  We just watched our video of when the boys were born.  We probably should have taken a U-Haul to the hospital then, we had about everything we owned packed up for the hospital.  This time we will be showing up without a car seat!  No worries- Jennifer will have it there before we leave.  Still, we just aren't quite as on top of it.  Hope this is an easy baby or we are in trouble!  I also think we have finally landed on a name too!!! Now just praying for a healthy baby!  

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