Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's been a rough week! Trips to the Hospital 3/4 nights!

Lets start with Monday!  My grandma Bucklin has not been doing well at all.  She fell last week and broke her arm - clear at the top.  Then ended up in the hospital on Sunday night.  She had a mild heart attack.  Monday after work we went to visit her at the hospital.  The boys sang quite a few songs for her and she seemed to light up when they would sing.  Praying for her to be as comfortable as possible right now.  

Tuesday night the boys were riding bikes and Dylan had a rough spill.  He flipped over the handlebars and apparently his head broke his fall.  Thank goodness he had a helmet on.  You can't see it that well and we straightened it out a bit, but it crinkled right up!  So a good reminder to make your kids wear helmets.  Otherwise he just scratched up his shoulder.  

Wednesday night we were working outside and Dylan was messing around on the back of this bench swing we have.  I went to stop him and got too close and the corner of the chair hit me right at the bottom of my stomach.  I checked in with the on-call doctor to make sure everything was OK because it was definitely tender and I was having quite a few contractions.  They had me go into labor and delivery to monitor the baby.  So I was there for a couple of hours, all checked out well and I got home at about 1am.

And here we are with Thursday - the roughest day yet for Dylan!
4 am.  We wake up to lots of crying.  Dylan had rolled right out of bed and hit his head on his little dresser.  We couldn't really tell exactly where he hit that night.  So we iced for a bit and went back to bed.  Needless to say, I was a bit surprised to see him looking this rough this morning.  He is a tough guy though and must have a pretty good pain tolerance - no complaints today.

5:30 - picked the boys up from daycare.  Accident report for Dylan.  Eva bit him, so he has a nice bite mark on his arm!  

7:30 pm - A clunk and more loud crying!  We are not exactly sure what happened, but I guess Dylan was running around the house playing and must have ran into the house - nose first!  It was swollen instantly and the skin was a little broken.  No blood though.  These are really bad pictures, you can't see much.  So we weren't really sure what to do.  I decided to go ahead and take him to the ER vs. Urgent Care in case they wanted X-rays.  This is our first nose experience.  What I learned - with noses, they wait about 10 days until the swelling goes down and then if it still looks pretty bad, they recommend we go to the ENT for further evaluation.  The doctor said it looked a bit curved and tender, but couldn't exactly confirm anything.  Where he hit is mostly cartilage, so I am guessing it will be fine.  We will keep an eye on it though.  I bet it will be really sore for him tomorrow.  He was a hoot at the hospital. He just talked and talked and talked to every person that came in.  I was afraid they were going to turn me in for some sort of abuse between the falling out of bed injury, the scrapes on his shoulders, red marks on his tummy from the molluscum, then he pulls off his shoe to a big bruise and cut.  Then he tells them how he broke his arm when he was little.  YIKES!  Finally got him to bed around 11:00, though he seems to be full of energy.  I'm hoping for a quiet, bruise free day tomorrow!
I'll take a pic tomorrow and share. 
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter