Sunday, June 3, 2012

10th annual Ozarks trip

How is it possible we have been going here for 10 years now!!!  I should pull up a couple pics from one of the first trips.  (probably film - might actually have a print).  Plus I don't need to see how much older we look!  We drove down over Memorial Day weekend, so we could get an extra day in.  It was either we go then or we bring a baby in a couple of months.  So my last big trip away until the baby arrives.  

I was so excited because Molly was able to come this year!  I get to see this girl maybe 1 or 2 days a year - an entire weekend, I loved it!!  Plus being pretty close to having a baby, I was happy to have a physician on staff for the weekend.  Given the weekend activities, she may not have brought her A game, but I'm certain she would have come through had she needed to deliver baby B.  

This guy made my weekend!  I'm surprised he didn't put me into labor from laughing so hard.  Seriously, we need to get these guys to move back to Iowa!

Overall, the weather was great.  The water was a bit on the icy side.  I finally braved it on Sunday and it wasn't too bad once I got in.  We hit up the outlets pretty hard.  Which totally sucked because I had to pass up so many great deals being super pregnant.  I did manage to add to the accessory collections - a couple scarves, shoes and a new hat.  And if these girls knew what I was having I would have been able to score some deals on baby clothes.  I guess I probably saved myself some money!  
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