Monday, June 11, 2012

7 years!


Today is our anniversary - how is it possible that it's been 7 years already.  Being a June wedding, we have yet to really celebrate.  We always have another wedding or something going on.  Tonight ended up being just as hectic as ever, hopefully that isn't a sign of the next 7 -  I'll share more tomorrow.  That is if we can just stay home and relax.

So here is to 7 years of growing up, getting older (looking older) and living life…

We've lived….Cherry Hill, NJ, Edina, MN, Richfield, MN, Baxter, IA & Polk City, IA

We've owned two homes.

We have one crazy little pooch named Stella.

We're blessed with Dylan Tyler, Carter Benjamin, a little angel and Baby B will be here SOON!!!

We've traveled to St. Lucia, Punta Cana, Hawaii, Colorado, NYC and most of our other travels have been weekend trips or apart.

We've lost my Grandpa Kalma, but happy he could be with us on our wedding day and got to meet our sweet little boys.

We've worked at Kelly Services, Lockheed Martin, JT Mega, Syngenta, Innova & ACH.

We've had three new nephews:  Cade, Oliver & Alec.

We've survived Keith's MBA (I say we because it was some rough nights with babies in the process)

We've attended 25+ weddings.

We're still married after building a house and attempting many DIY projects:)

We've seen our 20's pass us by and are diving into new adventures as we settle into our EARLY 30's.

I'm such a lucky lady to have a great husband and wonderful family and pray we get to grow old together!

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Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys!

Mom said...

Many many blessings!


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