Wednesday, June 13, 2012

37 weeks!

 We don't have long to go!  I'm doing my best to hold out, but I have a feeling I might not make it.  I've now heard of three people who were due when I am that went three weeks early.
 I was a 2 last time I was checked, so the baby is in progress of a departure.  I have been doing pretty well and sleeping fairly well until I got a sinus infection.  Last Thursday I had the start of a cold, every day I would wake up thinking it would go away, so i finally went to the doctor today!  It was a sinus infection.  I rarely get these, I sure wish I went in a day or two sooner, the right side of my face aches!  So hopefully I will feel a million times better tomorrow.
Tonight I managed to get our hospital bag semi-packed!  I still need a coming home outfit and we still don't  have names finalized.  Wondering if Keith is going to come up with any????  The room is pretty much done, sure could use some accessories or things on the wall - but haven't really seen anything quite right yet.  My mom has been working hard recovering our rocking chair so it's grey instead of brown.  Good thing I didn't do it - duct tape probably wouldn't look that great in the nursery.  I really want to iron those darn curtains - Keith said that doesn't even hit his list of things to consider doing.  I'm afraid I'll waste two hours ironing and they will look just as bad as they did on the wall.  That's what happened to the bed skirt. Spent 40 minutes ironing and it didn't look a single bit better.  
OK - so I thought I was tracking with the last pregnancy, but it turns out I was MUCH bigger with the boys!  YIKES!
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