Thursday, April 19, 2012

Phone Dump & More....

The boys have been really into sitting on benches whenever we pass them lately.  So we sit!

I'm not sure how I survived not having a camera on my phone!!! I have been hunting for some shrubs for the front of my house - so if I see some that might be a good fit I have been snagging pics.  So I have a lot of flower pics on my phone right now.  

And they are down!

Stella is pretty popular with the neighbor kids - they love to chase her around.  Not sure how she feels about that.

The boys were pretty excited about their new pictures.  Carter kept asking me how I got that picture into the frame.  Magic!  

Dylan doing a little bit of reading.

Keeping it classy!  No worries, I was not drinking the booze behind me.  Saturday we went to celebrate two 30th birthdays in Omaha.  We had a few cabins - most the crew stayed for the weekend, we were only there for Saturday.  Unfortunately, if any of you saw the news on Saturday, Omaha area was a hot zone for tornadoes - not ideal for a camp ground.  We ended up heading back around 10:00 and made it home around 1:00 - we figured that would be better than leaving around 6 the next morning.
This was at Mohoney State Park - what a cool place!  We really want to bring the boys back sometime, they had trails, lake activities, mini golf, horse riding, a little water park - you name it, they had it.  The cabins were really nice and reasonably priced so if you are looking for a fun outdoor weekend, I would recommend checking it out!  

the boys love making pizza!  I thought Carter was doing a good job until he picked up a pepperoni, licked the sauce off and placed it back into its spot.  

Enjoying the nice evening with popcorn!

Stella found a good spot to crash!  I bought paint today - we will soon have a nursery!  Woo hoo!!!  Now if we could start that name list.  

Keith checked on the boys last night and found Carter had a visitor in his bed!  This is the first time this has happened - believe it or not.  We showed them the picture this morning, they thought it was pretty funny.

Watch out for Carter - I think that kid will put a spoon in about anything you are making and eat it.  I don't think he touched it on his plate.  

Other happenings....
Keith will be manning the house for a "boys" weekend, while I am off to Galena with my girlfriends!  Looking forward to a fun weekend!  

Have I ever mentioned I hate ironing - and I really hate ironing curtain panels.  We put some new ones up in the kitchen and I ruined one of them - I was almost done too!  Super ticked about this, so I guess I will be buying a new one.  I officially fired myself from any ironing around here.  (however, I don't think this will be noticed)

The boys have been crazy this week - I don't know what has gotten into them, but they have just been non-stop with not listening and getting into trouble.  Hopefully they are god for Keith this weekend.  

We have had some strange things going on lately - I think it is me!  For example, we were at maid rite and I asked for 10 packets of ketchup (I really like ketchup) - the guy gave me 1 pack - how does that = 10, at least give me two!  We took the boys out for Mexican and asked for two tacos each - they were each given one.  We got the boys hair cut this week at Great Clips - two times in a row Carter got stuck with the worst stylist!  "Note" to self - never have a lady cut your hair that has a tattoo of a post-it note on her arm.  She took like 20 minutes longer than Dylan's and kept asking me how to cut it and I kept telling her like Dylan's - you would think she would ask the lady who was cutting Dylan's what she was doing for a more accurate description - I would say ask her - she would say, you tell me mom!  REALLY!  If their hair was so darn coarse I would maybe just cut it myself.  It would probably look better than this round.

Had my 2nd round glucose screening on Wednesday.  That was NOT pleasant.  I had to fast, so I was quite hungry and then had to drink a bottle of that disgusting juice - which then for the next 1-2 hours I felt miserable and was so close to throwing up.  By the last hour I was feeling much better again.  They had to draw my blood four times, but I must say the girl who did it three times was AWESOME!!!  I barely felt it.    The good news - I PASSED! And in celebration had a Casey's donut for breakfast today.

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