Thursday, April 12, 2012

My tough cookie!

We took Dylan to the doctor this week to have a wart froze off his arm and I was so darn proud of him because he didn't even flinch!  I told him beforehand what they were going to do and then I held his hand and told him to squeeze if it hurt and squeezed just a bit, but not much!

So we really need to start doing some more individual activities with these two. Dylan was pretty psyched to go to the doctor.  We had to drop Stella off to get her hair cut, then went to the clinic right away in the morning.  He was so excited he popped out of bed right away and wanted me to get out of bed immediately.  Then he said he was going to eat his breakfast in the car. And sure enough - next thing I knew he had a bag of cereal and had put his cereal bar in a baggy.

We saw a different doctor, so of course I asked about his molluscum.  I am getting very frustrated with this because of the scars Dylan is getting.  They are small, but sunken.  Well, the doctor said it shouldn't be scarring like this.  Generally the body doesn't notice the bumps and then at some point the body realizes they are there and attacks them and in Dylan's case he thinks his body is suddenly aggressively attacking them causing the scarring.  I guess people usually don't get scars from it, if so not quite this bad.  So I wish I would have asked about the scarring sooner.  He was a bit stumped but was going to call a plastic surgeon that seems to have solutions for any odd skin issue.  Keith just updated me that they are going to give us a stronger antibiotic cream and the surgeon has a cream that might help with the scars. I'll keep you posted with what happens.

Tonight I loved this - I had my blood drawn for my glucose screening today and I showed them where they poked my arm and then Dylan told me - Daddy and I can go with you and I will hold your hand and if it hurts you can squeeze my hand:)  
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