Monday, April 2, 2012

Can you say home improvement project A.D.D????

It's been beautiful outside and I think the nice weather has been motivating us to start knocking out our super long list of projects - or we will have a baby in 3 months and need to start getting some things accomplished around here!  Happy to report we are making some progress - but much to go.  We have been bouncing between projects like CRAZY!  Here is what we have been attempting...

Currently the bulk of our tool/garage storage are those drawers on the left, they are jammed full and overflowings, so we are finally adding a work bench & cabinets.  Phase two will be some wall cabinets and shelves- we'll see how far we get!  So I am pretty excited to have a place to put all our garage junk!  We finally bought some cabinets, then I was busy this weekend painting them as we thought it would be fun to have a bit of cyclone spirit in the garage.  This was my first time painting cabinets.  It wasn't too bad since we didn't have too many and being a garage I focused more on getting them done than being perfect. It did take one coat of gray gripper and 2 coats of red paint.  Now Keith needs to build a base to put them on, install them and we are still brainstorming our best countertop option (please share if you have any ideas).  

Of course the boys were fascinated by me painting - especially the red.  Tough to convince them to do much else.  They so badly wanted to paint with that red paint. Our best solution was to let them use their paints on some wood blocks.  

So besides the garage storage project, here are a few others:
- a bit of landscaping in the front, I'm doing this piece by piece and made the first purchase tonight - a Pink Diamond Hydrangea, we will get that planted this week.  Then I'll have to keep hunting for the rest of shrubs / grasses.

-The patio / fire pit project!!!  I really want to to be further along on this project, but am struggling to find the stone that I want.  In MN there was a store called Patio Town - huge selection, you could buy as much as you needed, then you could return what you didn't use.  I'm not finding that anywhere!  If anyone knows of any good landscape supply places - please let me know!  I also need a mix of sizes of pavers, so that adds to the challenge.  I hate to start digging until we have a better game plan.

-Storm/screen door.  We want to put one of these on so we can have the front door open and let the fresh air in.  We have one picked out, we just need to get it ordered! Hopefully something we can get done this week.  Then Keith probably won't be excited about installing it!

- BABY ROOM - I finally ordered a few things and have decided I will be painting the room - so that will be a busy project coming up, but I can't pick out paint colors until I see the stuff I ordered.

-Still trying to get the basement cleaned up!   We haven't made much progress there since it's been so nice outside.

So we have just been hopping from project to project!  I have been spending a lot of lunch breaks at Home Depot and Menards these past few weeks. 
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Mom said...

I love how hard those boys work! :)


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter