Monday, April 2, 2012

motherhood confessions


You would think it would be hard for a mother to trick these precious little faces!

But sometimes as moms (and dads), we have to!  Carter and Dylan drink WAY too much juice!  I used to water it down, like 70% water - they had no idea and were happy as could be.  Then slowly that became less and less to not happening.  If Carter is watching you pour his juice - he will not go for any added water.  If he sees you put it in, he won't drink it.  And telling him you are rinsing out the cup doesn't quite cut it either!  So now when we have a chance we mix the juice jugs with water - so watch out at our house.  I've sampled some, not awesome.  But they have no idea and don't seem to care.

And we don't stop at just the juice!  I bought some Target brand fruit loops and they just are not the same - pretty gross! Won't be buying those again.  So I'm guessing the box of the brand name fruit loops has been attracting them, so now they want those fruit loops, which is fine, but we still have to get through the bad ones.  So Keith put the Target ones in our old Fruit Loop box.....sneaky dad!  I'm pretty sure they won't notice:)  Oh and Carter has recently started liking "pink sponge bob pudding," otherwise known as yogurt. Dylan about ruined that one. He kept telling Carter, it's yogurt!

Who else has some confessions???
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Our Crazy Filled Life said...

Our boys are almost 4 and 2.5 and we still water down their juice about 60/40. If they are playing outside and it's pretty warm out I give them cups of iced gatorade and they think that's just amazing lol! Also, my kids think that when they get fruit or yogurt at the end of their meal that it's "dessert." When Evan was younger he would not eat his food if you put the main dish, veggie, and fruit on the plate all at the same time, he'd just go right for the fruit and then refuse to eat anything else. So we started giving him just the main dish and veggie. Then once he's eaten most of that he can have "dessert."

The Annis Family said...

This post cracked me up. My biggest confession as of late is I bribe Lucy with treats to get her moving faster in the mornings when I have meetings I need to get to. Most of the time I think she is slow on purpose. I have many more but this is the big one right now!


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