Monday, April 9, 2012

Being three….

Being three is a lot of work - just ask these two!

You get to wear your favorite green socks that are size 6-12 months all the time!

Walking the dog.....

Pretty sure Stella is trying to send me a message!

Awesome PJs that never get too small!  

Yard work!

Cookies all the time!

Superhero everyday

Spend the day watching youtube

Chilling on the big black stool

More awesomeness.

And what I hear....

Sometimes a bit of sweetness and sometimes not so sweet.....

  • I've finally proven my innocents after the boys told Keith I didn't stop at stop signs.  It turns out, when you drive by a sign that is for the roads Ting into yours, they think you are supposed to stop!  
  • I asked Dylan who the best mom in the entire world was and after a long pause, he said Jennifer (SNAP)
  • I can forgive him though because tonight I was painting this big square constructed of 2x4s for the garage and he told me that it looked really nice and pretty:)  
  • They never believe my stories anymore!  Keith went to the gas station and I didn't want to tell them where he was because they would have been all over going there, so I told them he had to put air in his tire - noooo Dad does that in the garage.  One day Dylan wanted me to go into Casey's to get the pizza and he didn't want Dad to go in, I told him he had to pay because I didn't have my purse, so he said lets go home and get your purse, yeah that is what we will do OK mom.  And there were probably a few nows inserted throughout.  
  • I've been working on laying out our patio in the backyard with the hose - so Dylan is all about helping with the "patio" and wants to build one.  I tell him I need stone to get started, so he tells me I need to go to the rock store and buy some stone.  
  • Today Dylan was saying something so I asked him what, he said I'm just talking to myself mom! That's a new one, but might as well because I swear some days these two never turn off.
  • We were gone most of the day today and when we were getting ready to go home Carter told me that our house was missing us.
  • I'm pretty sure the top two things on Carter's mind are candy and playing - he always wants to go home so we can play - or ask for more candy!  
  • These poor little dudes totally need a swing set and I'm guessing it won't happen until this summer.  Yesterday we were at Menards and they were looking at the sets there and talking about all the parts and were so excited about it - makes me feel bad, but we will get one eventually.  Too many other projects right now.  
  • After a stormy night i asked Carter about the thunder, he told me the angels were singing and dancing.  
  • The boys were telling us when they get older, they can take daddy's truck.  They would take turns driving.  I asked where we would be and they said we could drive my car.  I asked where they were going to go, they started to say grandma's and quickly switched to Cade's house.
  • This is a random one and I have no idea where this came from, but one day last week Carter told me he wishes he was Cade, or somebody else!
  • These two talk about storms, tornadoes, rain clouds - any sort of severe weather NON-STOP!!!  I told them about how we were really close to a tornado and we had to stay at a gas station when they were around one and they just soaked in every word and repeat the story so much. Two different daycare teachers have now asked if we were in a tornado.  
  • They have recently taken notice of a wedding picture - so they were asking me about my dress and what dad was wearing.  Then they kept asking where they were.  I tried to explain this was way before they were born.  Thought I made progress, then a little later I heard them talking about it and they said they were in my tummy.  I can only imagine the stories those daycare teachers here.  

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter