Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My sweet little Dylan

Sometimes Dylan can be quite challenging, but other times he can be so sweet!  A couple weeks ago we were at my parents and the boys made a cake with my mom.  They don’t have cake too often and it is usually at a birthday party.  So Dylan asked who’s birthday it was and we landed on my was the closest.  Well then he turned into mommy’s birthday mode.  He kept telling mom she needed to go to Target to get me a birthday present.  (we may need to consider scaling back on Target trips)  Then later we were getting a puzzle out of the closet and Dylan saw a roll of wrapping paper – so he got it out and brought it to mom to wrap my present and was a bit disappointed there wasn’t a present to wrap.  Of  course, being as persistent as he is, he got that darn (or damn if he was telling this story) roll of wrapping paper out three times, he was determined to wrap a birthday present for me!

Tonight I was going to dinner with Aunt Sarah, so I asked them if they were going birthday shopping with mommy, then asked Dylan what he was getting mom.  And randomly he told me, a big, little necklace for you for work.  But I got to find the right one.  How sweet is that!  Totally made my night.  Then I was giving them bye kisses and he stood up in his chair, put his hands on my shoulders and said you better go to dinner with Sarah – how did my little boy get so old.
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