Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hello hoarders!!!

We still have some nasty boxes in the basement full of things we think we need, but have no place to put them! So I have been working on tackling some of these mystery boxes!  One box held the treasures from the junk drawer at our old house.  We have been trying to be better about letting go and are trying to throw away this massive amount of paper we have collected over the years.  I decided I probably wasn’t going to review those notes from a few of my final marketing classes and Keith had plenty of notebooks full of coursework between ISU and St. Thomas.  I won’t even get started with his collection of owner’s manuals.  I tossed a bunch that we had from the old house.  We have about 5 binders of old bills that I think is just time to go!!!  Dylan helped me test out a huge bag of markets/pens and we tossed about half of those.

I bought a couple cheap shelves at Target to store some of these things. Cheap is right, after Keith put them together he told me they were junk and I’m afraid he is right.  They will probably only be good for a year or two.

Dylan found a VHS tape and asked me what that wasJ  So I guess the boys are learning fun things too as they help!

Regardless, I want to say we are making PROGRESS!!!

When I pulled this Grabel bag of screws, I was a bit concerned as to what they could possibly belong to.  Then I realized it’s all the nuts/bolts to our cribs!  Good thing I found this bag.  And good luck to Keith when it comes time to put that back together.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter