Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby updates

18 weeks (I think)

19 weeks didn't happen!  I was too sick to stand for a picture and Keith was probably too sick to take the picture.

(20 weeks)
Last week when I was at the hotel I looked in the mirror and where did that belly come from???  Wow!  

Some of you have asked - did I get that BIG ultrasound and did we find out?  Well, yes we did and yes we did.  However, we didn't want to ruin the fun for everyone.  So we told our family and it's still a surprise for the rest of you - that is if we don't slip up!  

Other baby news....
Not much to report.  The baby has been moving around quite a bit, which is fun!  I think sitting on my bladder is one of his/her favorite spots!  

I learned this week that I have to be extra careful with two little boys running around.  I was in bed still Saturday morning and Dylan jumped on me, giving me a knee right under my belly button.  So I was a bit worried this weekend - but all seems to be good.  
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