Sunday, February 12, 2012

according to Carter and Dylan

I have lots to blog about, but won't be sharing much tonight since I'm still sick as a dog.  Hopefully tomorrow will be the day that I wake up feeling better.  I went to urgent care again today.  They gave me an inhaler to help, but I don't think it's working magic.  

So a bit from my chatterboxes....

One day last week, they were like mom, can we take a rocket to Mercury?  I should explain a bit.  I bought them a planet puzzle, so I have been trying to teach them about the planets - man have you ever talked to a 3 year old about planets, tough concept!  But we are making progress.  And by teaching them, this doesn't really go beyond my extent of knowledge gained from a 6th grade solar system project that involved a lot of spray paint and of course Apollo 13.  

One day I was taking Dylan to the doctor and he was just chatting and was like it's mommy and Dylan.

Dylan is doing better at not swearing, but tonight I guess I had his chair turned a bit and he said dammit mommy, I'm not happy about this!  (like I said, it's tough being mom)

When the boys are being good and coloring, I always try to tell them they are doing a good job.  Lately I have been coloring with them quite a bit and now Dylan will come look at my picture and say that looks really good mom, or good job mom

Tonight Carter was like, ohhhh, the sun went down (so sad - sorry buddy, I'm afraid it just happens every night)

One morning I was driving them to school and Dylan said, Mommy I am NOT happy with you, you are driving me everywhere and I don't want to go anywhere.  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!! 

One day I went out of my lane a bit and I guess I have a back seat driver now, I hear a mommy keep the wheels on the road.  

Otherwise, their little imaginations have been a bit CRAZY LATELY!!! They have all these little things they talk about between the two of them and then they get so wild and crazy.  Yesterday they both started talking about this "egg", next thing I knew is they were completely emptying a laundry basket - the "egg".  They have been spraying each other with this pretend cleaner, one day they kept talking about the "key" and they hand it back an forth between each other.  Which I don't mind that they make up these little games between each other, I just wish they would keep it down a notch!  

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