Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mom to the rescue!!!

And not this mom, my mom!  We haven't been in this bad of shape since Pukagedden, otherwise known as Thanksgiving 2009 or some may remember it as our last trip to Arby's.  I must say that was worse!!!!  

Monday morning Dylan came to our room with a horrible hack and a bit of a fever and saying his tummy hurt.  He seemed pretty good with a dose of Tylenol.  Then later that night he looked a bit miserable.  So I went ahead and took him to Urgent Care to get ahead of it!  After a fun 2 1/2 hours, we made it home.  They gave him a children's z-pack - which I was delighted for some medicine opposed to a 2+ hour wait for's a virus!  That night he ended up coming to our room and basically slept on top of me.  That may be the point where things went down hill!  I was a bit surprised he was sick.  Almost every weekend we go to a germ infested place liked the mall playground or McDonalds and I didn't even take them to Target this weekend!  
I felt awful all day yesterday and got worse as the night came, then Keith started feeling bad too.  All we could do to get the boys bathed and in bed (or all Keith could do- I was glued to the couch).  We did our best to parent from the couch.  Thank you Thomas!  
We were hurting all night, Keith was supposed to go to Mpls today for work, but he decided 6 hours in the car would not be in his best interest.  I don't really have any sick/vaca time yet so I had to go to work.  I decided to go to urgent care at 7 - which was great b/c I was the only one there!  To my surprise my lungs were clear (perhaps they are no longer functioning), but he said i had the same as Dylan -bronchitis.  They gave me a Z pack too.  I wasn't sure about taking but the doctor said it was OK, the pharmacist said it was OK and I called my OB GYN too.  It was a LONG day at work!!  It took a 10 minute nap in my car at lunch (this may be a new low for me).  I was doing OK at times.  Then we had a steak seasoning cutting at work - normally a tasting I would look forward to, but 8 bites of steak about did me in!  
Keith was lucky to stay home and sleep today.  He did go to a different urgent care, they diagnosed him with the same and gave him a Z pack and cough syrup with codeine - LUCKY!  I'm hoping we both wake up feeling like a million bucks tomorrow and I really hope Carter doesn't get it. 

My mom came up tonight - thank goodness!!! She made dinner for the boys and cleaned everything with Lysol and washed our sheets and did some laundry!  Much more than she needed, I was just happy to have help with dinner!!!  THANK YOU MOM!  

Keith was so kind to surprise me with flowers - early for Valentines Day.  Unfortunately, I have a sales meeting in Memphis and will be there for Vday and will be celebrating the dirty thirty absolutely sober there.  The good news is our flight home is on my bday, but I won't get back until after 10.  

Thanks for stocking us up mom!

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter