Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

This was our third Halloween with the boys, but was definitely the most fun!  The weather was great for October and we got to Trick or Treat with the boys' cousins, Cade and Oliver.  We didn't go out too long, but the boys followed Cade around and had so much  fun going up to the houses and getting candy.  It was fun listening to them repeating "bye, bye, thank you, trick or treat, thank you boys."  So fun to watch them run around in their little giraffe costumes.  My favorite part was the butts, they had a bunch of padding in them, so it was really funny to watch them walk and see their tails wag a little.

I love how Oliver is just in awe at Carter and Dylan.  He might want to be a giraffe next year!

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