Friday, November 26, 2010

A few forgetten phrases

Does anyone else remember the excitement of the house phone ringing?  At our house the moment it rang, it was a scream, "I got it" and it was a race for the phone.  And of course a fight over who was on and who was missing calls, don't forget listening in on conversations.  Mute was a pretty sweet feature.  We were big time when we got call waiting.   And don't even get me started on prank calls, that was basically one of my prime forms of childhood entertainment.  
Another would be, that's "long distance".  Anyone else get in trouble for a few too many long distant calls.  We knew a trick way to dial long distance, but charge it on another phone number.  Guess that was a little naughty. 
So funny because we have a "land line" as it is called these days and we answer about 1/10 times it rings.  It is always a telemarketer, usually Weedman or Charity Pick-up.
I think the phrase "Zach Morris" phone is here to stay!

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