Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a few mommy moments...

This morning Keith had an early morning meeting, so I as solo.  It was a good morning for the most part, but what do I always say...."quiet boys are always up to no good."

So I thought both were happily playing with trains, so I went to my room to get dressed.  Pretty soon Dylan walks in waving his hands at me, so I find him and Carter in the bathroom with the bottle of hand soap, squirting it all over the toilet seat and rubbing their hands in it......easy clean-up!
Back to getting ready for the day, here comes Carter carrying a completely full bowl of cantaloupe!  Not sure how it didn't spill from the kitchen to our room.
Finally made it out the door and got to daycare, turned around to find Carter had no socks or shoes on!  Yikes.
After a long day and absolutely no dinner plans, Keith and I decided we would eat out!  The boys did great at dinner and ate spaghetti, then right as we were finishing up, Carter grabbed my arm with his spaghetti hand.  No big deal except the white sweater I was wearing.  Guess I will stick to sweatsuits around these two! 
Keith took these pics of the boys one day, they were eating their goldfish with spoons.  These two are so silly sometimes.
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