Thursday, November 18, 2010

Silly boys

Keith's mom made this robe for him when he was little.  Dylan had fun wearing it!  The boys keep finding food downstairs, so they have been eating a lot of saltine crackers.
These two are a couple of goofballs lately!  I mentioned before that they are really big into getting their ice packs out of the freezer now for the slightest injuries!  Tonight we were reading this old baby signs book we had and it was a picture for the sign "hurt", and I was doing it and saying "owie", Dylan disappears and returns with the ice pack for the book. 
Since they push and bite each other so often, we also work on "sorry" a lot.  But somehow that has now turned into going up to the one being apologized to, touching their head, a quick sorry and they run off.  And generally they return with the ice pack for the injury they have just given their brother.
Carter is getting quite vocal with his "No's".  I can't help but laugh at it, I will ask him if he wants something and I get a NO, really quick and really loud. 
Today I thought they were being really good in the kitchen eating breakfast while I was trying to get ready fast.  I kept hearing lots of laughing.  But too much laughing or silence generally leads to trouble! I suspected correct when I went into the kitchen to find they had been putting their fingers in their cereal bowls and flinging milk all over.  There were sprinkles of milk all over the floor, chairs, their hair, even the curtains.   
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter