Saturday, November 6, 2010


So a few things Dylan had been up to lately...

Dylan has been really funny about gates lately.  We were at my sister's house and she doesn't have her gate on her stairs anymore and he found it in another room, so he dragged it out and attempted/insisted that it be put back on.  Then we were at my parent's house and were packing and I brought our gate out by the door.  Dylan saw it, started dragging it down the hallway, then insisted that it be put back in the doorway. 
Then even last week, he was first up and I took it off his door and leaned it against the wall and there is a button you push down to tighten in the doorway, and he insisted we pushed the button down before we could do anything else.

When the boys have an injury at daycare, they usually ice the hurt area. So now whenever Dylan has the slightest scratch or bump, he goes to the freezer and gets out an ice cube and holds it on the hurt spot.  Tonight his hair was about soaked from an ice cube.  I can't believe how long he holds the ice cube!  Tonight we went and bought a couple ice packs so he could use that instead.

They both do this, but definitely more of a Dylan thing.  If Carter is ever crying because he is hurt, Dylan will either fake fall, then act like he is hurt or just start shaking the same hand or copy whatever Carter's injury is.  His face expressions are quite priceless!  Carter was coughing tonight and he even faked that too!
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