Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A few funny things

I made homemade salsa a couple weeks ago and look who decided to suck on the lemons!  And yep, Carter took a bite out of the onion that is in his hand, probably the last vegetable I've seen him touch since. 

Dyan is back at it again, yep being the big faker!
Tonight Keith picked Carter up and bumped his foot and so we were both rubbing it as Dylan watched patiently.  He was strapped in his chair so couldn't really fake an injury and I could tell he was really thinking over the situation. So what does he do??? Takes his sippy cup and hits his head with it....TWICE!  Then acts hurt!  Then of course we had to get ice.

Twin Talk
The boys probably played the best together tonight as I have ever seen them play, which is pretty awesome to witness as a parent.  I think this twin talk is really starting to kick in.  They were so funny tonight.  They would run to their room, back to the family room, back to their room, then behind the chair, then get Stella's toys out, then put them in my shoes and the entire time they would both repeat the same noises back and forth to each other.  But they were always different noises depending on the tasks.  Both of them had red cheeks from running up and down the hallway so much. 

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