Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two doctor's opinions....

{Look what's back out...the NEB!}

Both boys have had a cough for a couple weeks now and when we were at the doctor's office a couple weeks ago, they didn't think it was anything, but to come back if it didn't go away. Finally we decided we better take them in. I didn't have time to leave the office today, so Keith took Carter in this morning. The doctor thought since his nose has been pretty runny and he still has the cough, that he probably had a sinus infection and prescribed him an antibiotics.

So we figured Dylan probably had the same, since he had similar symptoms. So I was able to get a 6:30 appointment for him tonight. Tonight, the doctor definitely thought Dylan had some airway constriction and is thinking his cough may be due to him have a mild case of asthma. He said generally with the sinus infection the runny nose is the main symptom, in Dylan's case the cough is much worse and he is wheezing some (but not too bad). So he prescribed him Budesonide, which is a steroid. So we will be having to use the Neb 2x a day for the next two weeks! (Not my favorite thing since Dylan thinks it is a lot of fun to turn it off and on.) Then we will see if the wheezing comes back when he isn't on it and he wants us to come back in.

So I thought it was interesting how we made out with different results, we'll see which boy gets better first.

{Dylan and Keith}

{Carter giving daddy kisses}
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