Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A random post of a little bit of what has been happening...

I have some blog catching up to do since I was gone last weekend. Here is a little bit of what has been happening.
Right on cue after I had checked my baggage and was getting ready to enter the security line at the airport, our daycare called! So I stepped out of line in case it was an emergency and learned they thought Dylan might have pink eye. I questioned it somewhat since he just had it, so it was back to the doctor. Luckily our neighbor, Kellie, was so kind to watch Carter and Keith took Dylan in. He has little bit of a rash on his legs his arms, still has a runny nose, wheezie, the cough and the goopy eye. So the doctor is pretty certain he has allergies. So Keith was sent home with Allegra, eye drops, cream for the rash and then we still have the nebulizer treatments! Wow, a lot of stuff for a little guy. I'm thinking Carter is probably in the same boat, he has most of the same symptoms. So they will reevaluate in the next couple of weeks.

The weather has been great, so the boys have been spending A LOT of time outside! Last night Dylan discovered the mud! And then he decided to eat a handful. Luckily Carter was nearby with a washcloth and wiped it off for him.

Last night Carter ate two bites of a red pepper and tonight I saw him eat two slices of carrots, so I only had to throw away 99% of the cooked vegetables. But I see progress!

Tonight the boys had a bubble bath. It's been a while since we had done one and they had a blast! I wish I could have taken a couple pics, but Keith was trying to get some work done and I didn't want to leave the bathroom while they were in the tub. But if you could picture two boys throwing handful ls of foamy bubbles in the air with lots of smiles and laughs, that is what the picture would have been. Oh, and Carter's bubble mustache. And me soaked with water.

They are getting so tall, we can't hide anything from them. They can pretty much see what is on the counters now.

Aren't these sunglasses fun, they crack me up wearing them.

Nebbing Dylan for 10 minutes 2x a day has been a struggle, so we are getting creative. Last night we did one with him strapped in his booster while he played with Play Doh. And the night before I did it while he was in the bathtub. He couldn't reach the on/off switch or escape to far. Good thing it has a long cord and a long hose.

We got them summer haircuts on Monday, it is quite short now. Their curls really never came back:((

A BIG THANK YOU to Grandpa and Grandma Bormann for coming up to help out with the boys while I was on vacation! MOST APPRECIATED.
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Dillinger Family said...

We had to neb our almost two year old daughter a few months ago. A few tricks we tried: having her hold the end of it to show us how big she is, looking for princesses in the tube, and having her put her mouth around one end to feel the tickle and to "blow" in it. I have found that showing her she can do things on her own helped...only worked once with her meds, but it helped with the neb. Good luck!

Kellie said...

I'll watch the boys anytime! Carter was a breeze! We just played outside and then he is so happy to just play w/ his blankets. So we tossed them back and forth and I covered him up and he was a giggling boy! Such a cutie. :)


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