Monday, April 5, 2010

Always Entertaining!

{licorice was a hit, Dylan left, Carter right}

{They LOVE watermelon}

{Never a dull moment}

What a day, a lot of fun and a couple not so fun things!
Morning Laughs
I went in the boys' room this morning to get them. Both were standing waiting for me. I went to pick up Dylan first and as I got to the crib, he was like wait a minute mom and turns around and collects all of his blankets in a bundle, so big his arms barely fit around them. As I pick him up I'm wondering if my arms will be long enough to stretch around him, Carter and all these blankets. Then we picked up Carter and snuggled on the couch!
A new Recipe gets UGLY
All the stores were closed last night, so I ran out at lunch and picked up some ingredients to make a new recipe Keith wanted to try for the boys. It was a macaroni & cheese with chicken and broccoli. Of course I forgot about half the ingredients. Then Keith worked hard to get dinner together and we all sat down and the boys WOULD NOT TOUCH IT! Not even the chicken.
Dance, Dance, Dance
Generally I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, but not much else was on TV. The boys were thinking the music and dancing was fun, so we started doing a little dancing. Carter started doing some twirls.
Attire Consulting
Carter is not a big fan of socks! So we were playing and he decided not only were his socks coming off, but mine were too! About two minutes later Dylan walks out carrying one of my sweatshirts and of course he insisted that I put it on. I didn't mind since my feet were a little cold!
A couple sweet moments
Carter and I snuggled on the floor, then Dylan came out with a pillow and plopped it on top of us, so the three of us snuggled on the floor for a while. They must have been really tired tonight. Then Keith came out and was laying by us and gave me a kiss on the lips. Well Carter saw him do this and all of a sudden, he got up, pulled his pacifier out and came over to me and gave me the sweetest kiss on the lips and he was even really proud about it and had a huge smile. Usually their kisses are big open mouth licks on the face, but he even puckered up the lips a little. Probably one of the sweetest moments I've ever experienced as a mom.
Bath time with a BAD ending
Bath time started out OK. I got the scissors out and trimmed up their mullets a little bit. Generally Carter gets out last, but he must of had a feeling that he should be the first one out tonight. So it was just me and Dylan in the bathroom. Next thing I knew Dylan was grunting and I just couldn't pull him out quick enough!!!! I quickly called "NOT IT" on that one. Let's just leave it at their bathtub toys have been soaking in bleach water!
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Kellie said...

A bath time poo! How fun! :)


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