Monday, April 12, 2010

Lucky in Vegas...maybe!

Airline Adventures
I used to fly a couple times a year, but since having the boys traveling has been at the bottom of the list. Like most things, flying is becoming quite spendy. $25 to check my luggage (each way). Then I purchased a packet of Advil, a bottle of water, some peanuts and a magazine for $15.
My mom and sisters flew out of Des Moines, so I took a direct flight on Sun Country straight to Las Vegas. And let me tell you, you could tell that the flight was going to Las Vegas. Mostly men on the plane and the fellas in the exit row had to be separated and moved to different seats because they probably would not have been too helpful in an emergency. Then once we were ready to take off, a warning light was on, so after a 30 minute repair we were off.

We stayed at the Venetian. Our room was nice and big, but I don't think I would stay there again. We had to take two elevators to get to our room and it took forever to get anywhere.
One of the first things on the agenda Friday morning was some quality sun poolside. The long Minnesota winter has taken any hint of tan out of my skin. And the one day in the sun didn't help out too much! But the weather was FABULOUS!

The Canyon Ranch Spa
Jennifer and I got massages at the hotel spa, which turned out to be one of my most interesting massages to date. This is how the conversations went (and I don't like when people talk to me during massage)
M: "Did you take any medicines today? Advil, crack cocaine?
Me: I started to laugh thinking he was joking, but he had a straight face... "NO"...weird question!
M: "How is the pressure"
Me: "Great"
M" "Well Jessica, I always strive for perfect"
M: "Wow, you have really thick hair"
Me: "yep"
M: "Trust me, it's a good thing. This is coming from a guy had to completely shave everything for his last job"

As weird as the dude was, he did give a really good massage. And, just for the record, Jennifer's dude did not ask if she had used cocaine, so it's not just a Vegas thing.

Friday Evening
We went to dinner and to Le Reve at the Wynn. It was an amazing show and the Wynn is one of Vegas' newest casinos, it was really cool inside. We spent the rest of the evening gambling and made a late night of it. (I forgot my camera that night)

Fremont Street
Saturday afternoon we took a cab to Fremont Street in search of some loose slots. When we went to Vegas 6 years ago, my mom won $800 on a slot machine there. So we went straight to that little casino and tested out several machines with little luck!

After a tasty drink I played a little bit of Black Jack by a strange dude. Have you ever scene anyone drink a small carton of milk while playing Black Jack? Neither have I, and I thought it was strange. After telling him I grew up in Iowa, he did tell me that he cries like a baby every time he watches Field of Dreams. But at least he knew where Iowa was and that it wasn't Ohio.

So was I lucky in Vegas.....let me tell you about our adventure
When we left Fremont Street we took a cab back to our hotel and then walked to a restaurant for some drinks and appetizers. Which is when.... I discovered I no longer had my iphone! Sweet, right?? So Jennifer and I walk back to the hotel in hopes that it may have fallen out of the cab and somebody picked it up. We didn't know the name of the cab company, we called a handful of them and checked a few security desks at the hotel. I was thinking it had fallen off my lap when I paid the driver, but I didn't hear it drop and when we got out I looked around briefly to see if we forgot anything. After a brief hunt, we went back to the restaurant and I called Keith to break the news and so he could call AT&T to cancel my phone.

Keith had called back with an update and our house line rang, which seems to be reserved for telemarketers and we generally don't answer, and it was a lead!!

So Keith called back and told me to get a pen and paper and gave me instructions to get my phone.

The directions sounded a little bit sketchy...go to the Tropicana, turn on Valley View Road, there will be a parking lot, go through the black gate, it will be half open and talk to the security guard. I really wanted my phone back and we were up for the adventure, so we got a cab and we were off. I will say a little strange and a little scary, but I GOT MY PHONE BACK!!! Can you believe that? There are still some really good people in this world. Our cab driver couldn't believe that it was returned. And neither could I. Not only was it turned in, but they knew how to use it and called my house and Keith was actually there to answer, so I have to say I WAS LUCKY IN VEGAS!

That evening we went over to the Bellagio for dinner and to watch the fountains. They really are phenomenal! This is our traditional Oceans' 11 pose. We love that movie and took a picture by the fountains last time we went to Vegas.

We spent the rest of the evening at the casino. When it comes to gambling I am an optimist! I enjoy slots (sorta dislike them right now), video poker, black jack, roulette, and spin the wheel. All fun! I really liked the penny slots this year and had the most fun playing black jack. Mom and I ended up playing black jack until 2:30ish, and then I ended up staying out until 3:30. Unfortunately, I didn't come home a big winner. Usually when people are up, they are smart and choose to cash out, I get more aggressive with the bets. But I had a blast. Unfortunately, we had to be at the airport at 6:00am, so it was a short night for this girl and didn't leave much time for packing. But really, why waste time folding those clothes when they need to be washed anyway! So that is how I roll. Oh, and I did manage to wear 5/6 pairs of shoes I packed!

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Kellie said...

Sounds like a great time! I love Vegas. We should all plan a trip there once I have this baby! Now THAT would be an adventure! :)


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